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When it comes to critical subsurface deployment, abandonment, information etc.wireline about your well, Wireline services can provide unmatched flexibility to help meet your operational and budgetary objectives across all types of reservoirs. With strategically integrated wireline tools, technologies, systems, and talent, IWSS is focused on unlocking the potential of conventional and unconventional resources.

IWSS offers one of the state-of-the-art, most advanced Electricline fleets in the industry. We place utmost importance on exceeding our client’s prospects while remaining at the forefront of industry’s safety regulations and environmental standards, and technological advancements.

IWSS wireline services leverage innovative and efficient conveyance techniques that help optimize open-hole and cased-hole evaluation procedures while mitigating risks. We improve the performance of your wells with a broad range of research-driven, field-proven, measurement and intervention capabilities.

We know wireline and what it takes to earn trust in the industry. Our reputation rides on helping our customers achieve the maximum efficiencies in production through exceptional services and well-site execution.

Our customers have come to count on our experience, technology and reliability. When you want better than good enough, you can depend on IWSS.

Our Wireline services include:

Cased-Hole Services

  • Formation Evaluation
  • Cement Evaluation
  • Mechanical Services
  • Production Logging
  • Reservoir Monitoring
  • Perforation Services
  • Pipe Recovery

Open-Hole Logging

  • Formation Evaluation
  • Geological Services
  • Slimhole Logging Tools
  • Reservoir Testing and Fluid Sampling

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