Message from the CEO.

The right support at the right time:

Our vision is tied to what the industry wants to do. So most of our activities have to support what the industry really wants at a particular time. We would like to be involved with the industry on medium and long range strategic projects. That’s really becoming a characteristic of the oil and gas industry. So we hope that good planning with our industry could help to move away from the short term and try to put emphasis on medium and long term. We think we can do it.

This is especially important, as some of our fields are beginning to mature. New techniques can be used on our solutions for reevaluation of these fields.

What we need to do in the medium and long term is to evaluate techniques for maximizing revenue, reducing the cost. We need to minimize the risk in our operations and be mindful of how can we lessen the impact on the environment.

Another vision is to form a real partnership with the industry, so they can look on IWSS as a place that can add value to their operations. This can only be done through long term commitment between the industry and a company like ours.



Our vision is to be the best-in-class global provider of Oil Field Well Service with profitable growth through innovation, new product development, continuous improvement, acquisition and brand building in a safe and environmentally responsible manner for the long-term benefit of our shareholders and society.


Integrated Well Services and Solutions offers Well Service and production related solutions to energy producers. We provide a diverse set of products and services in global markets that add value to our customer’s operations with an emphasis on quality, integrity and safe operations.

We market and provide innovative, industry-leading Oil Field Well Service Equipment of exceptional performance, value and quality. Our focus is on continuous improvement and excellence in collaboration with our customers, employees and suppliers, while expanding our company business in Global markets.

Underlying the mission statement are the following core beliefs and values:

(a) Integrity:

We will treat one another with honesty and respect, and act with sincerity, trust, ownership and accountability.

(b) Competence:

We will be responsible for our own learning and development, acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise to excel in our work and get the job done right, every time. Together with Integrated Well Service & Solutions, we will invest in, and be recognized for our life-long learning and development efforts.

(c) Teamwork:

We will communicate openly, keep everyone involved and engaged as a team. We will be accommodating, cooperative and helpful to achieve our shared goals and objectives.

(d) Passion for Excellence:

We will pursue excellence relentlessly and challenge ourselves in everything we do. We are committed to help and care for our customers, responding with agility, energy and drive, taking pride in a job well done.

(e) Entrepreneurship:

We will be creative and embrace new ideas; taking informed and calculated risks to turn opportunities into profit. We will have a questioning mindset, which seeks to grow by learning from both success and failure.